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    Join Us

    As a  Distributors
    As a distributor or reseller, you’re always looking for the best, most cost effective LED products that you can offer your customers. Not to mention, a manufacturer that can provide you with the highest level of reliable customer service. Jiangjing Lighting is that manufacturer. We have better quality control system, and competitive wholesale pricing packages to help you expand your business in your market. 
     We are specialized in exporting LED lighting factory. Our major products are LED panel lights, LED troffer lights, LED high bay lights, LED wall lights, LED street lights and other LED lighting products.

     What can we offer?
       If you are engineering, our project for your lighting project selection to help you with the best cost-effective to achieve the best lighting fixtures to make, but also provide full technical guidance to help you through the construction lighting projects, and provide 3 aftermarket lighting system for shelf life maintenance support!
       If you are a dealer, we provide you with the most useful LED products, factory direct supply, reduce intermediate links, while providing the most favorable rate, the most complete product information, shop marketing guidance to help your career to the next level .
        If you are a platform provider, we will patented product exclusive license to you, offers a full product images and information, provide advertising support, resource links. Provide the necessary resources, and you grow together, and seek common development!
        Welcome to join us and become a partner of Jiangjing Lighting !
    Logistics Solutions

    International logistics services are  provided by Jiangjing Lighting on behalf of customers if necessary. Jiangjing Lighting is one of key transportation partners with Couriers such as UPS,DHL. We can help you save international freight cost and increase your profit actually. 
    For more details about logistics services and solutions please contact our sales team or representatives. 


    (1) TT wiring
    For regular orders, TT wiring in advance will be preferred.  Please double check the A/C information on the Pro forma invoice as you make payment to us. 
    (2) L/C 
    For some orders, irrevocable L/C at sight will be acceptable once agreed.
    (3) West Union and Paypal
    For small batch or samples, payment with West Union and Paypal are accpetable.

    OEM & ODM

    OEM and ODM services can be provided to global customers. Our aim is to help customers expand the increasing market with their own valued brands. And, we can help customers design what they want if necessary.
    Working procedures

    1. Requirements are raised by a customer, such as parameters, materials, label, packaging, etc. 
    2. Feedbacks are will be done by Jiangjing Lighting within 2working days.
    3. Details and order confirmation
    4. Production 
    5. Goods inspection and testing
    6. Shipment 
    7. Follow-up services 
    We are looking forward to your OEM & ODM request. 

    Marketing Network 

    Jiangjing Lighting is committed to producing high-quality LED lighting,our products mainly for export to Europe, Australia, East Asia and some other high-end market .
    With the development of the company's business, Jiangjing lighting now start in the global investment! Global Entrepreneurship invites partners to join us and seek cooperation with us!
    We will focus on providing a unified standard for supply partners, to create a sound quality after-sales network!


    Service Policy


    All products sold at Jiangjing Lighting have three year limited warranty period at least. Some items boast have five year limited warranty.It depends on purhcase price and solutions. 
    Jiangjing Lighting will honor this warranty on any products that fail during normal use due to manufacturer’s defect  under the condition of right installation and operation.
    Generally speaking, Jiangjing's sales team and engineer team will help you analyze and examin what problem it may exist as long as you give feedback about defectives, and the make proper commends and solutions to the issue. Some times,  Jiangjing Lighting reserve the right to request purchasers to return part of defective goods back if necessary for the purpose of examination and engineering analysis.
    Jiangjing Lighting guarantees that the goods are free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. Under proper operation, the warranty valid from the date of commercial invoice issued by Jiangjing Lighting. 
    Claimants should provide  necessary proof of the defective products such as batch number, invoice number, photos, or videos if there is a failure. According to different case, Jiangjing Lighting will provide repair and replacement of the goods or the defective part thereof or services, or may opt to reimburse the purchase price if that is infeasible. Jiangjing Lighting's sole liability with respect to any defect shall be for the repair and replacement of the defective goods or services. For the purposes of clarity, 'repair or replacement of the goods or the defective part thereof’ does not include any removal or reinstallation activities, costs or expenses, including without limitation, labor costs or expenses.
    No one is authorized to make any other warranties on behalf of Jiangjing Lighting, or modify this warranty, except in a separate written paper document under original signature of a corporate officer of Jiangjing Lighting.

    Warranty policy

    (1) Damage due to mishandling or abuse of the product.
    (2) Not using a voltage regulated power supply to connect LEDs products or controls.
    (3) Connecting LEDs to the wrong Output Voltage. 
         Example: connecting a 12VDC system to a 6VDC power supply.
    (4) Improper connection of power supplies, LED products or controls.
    (5) Connection of LED products or controls directly to any A/C power source.
    (6) Connecting Power Supplies backwards to an A/C power source.
         Example: connection the 12VDC output of power supply to the A/C input line.
    (7) Using products in an extremely hot environment. 
         Example: using a non ventilated box in direct 120° sunlight.
    (8) Water damage to non waterproof products.
    (9)  Electrical power surges. 
         Note: It is recommended that if there is a possibility of power surges then you should consider a surge protector for the incoming A/C power line.
    (10) Damage from Lighting or Electrical Storms.
    (11) Acts of God.  Example: hail, flooding, tornado, fire, wind.
    (12) Products or electronic components that have been modified by the user.
    (13) Products used for purposes other than intended and directed.
    (14) Products damaged by connection to LED systems or components not purchased from Jiangjing Lighting.
    For more information about warranty, please contact us at info@szJiangjing.com .


    LED Panel light FAQ
    Q1: What is the Warranty for your led panel light?
    A1: We offer 5 years warranty for UL/DLC/cUL listed panels.If any quality problems on our side occured in this period, we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.
    Q2: What is colour temperature?
    A2: Jiangjing LED Lighting offer lamps in warm,natural,pure and cool white with colour temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature 
    is,the warmer the light given by the LED: 
    Warm white = 3000-3500K
    Natural white = 4000-4500K
    Cool white = 6000-6500K or 5000-5500K DLC listed
    Q3: What is CRI? 
    A3: CRI is 80. Ra80.
    Q4: Are they dimmable?Will your LED panel light work on a dimmer switch?
    A4: Yes, 1-10V dimmable, remote controll are avaliable. 
    Q5:Are these light approved by UL/TUV/ DLC/ cUL?
    A5:Our all panel lights are CE ROHS approved, only square led panel lights are DLC/UL/cUL/TUV approved.
    Q6:What watts you have for led panel light?
    A6:We have 3w to 80w for your choice.
    Q7:What driver you use?
    A7:CE RoHS light driver made by ourself, UL/TUV use the UL/TUV driver, it's our own brand,but could customize it upon your requirements.
    Q8:How to get the lamps if I place order,and how long?
    A8:Once order confirmed,will arrange production ASAP,the lead time is around 5-7days.
    Usually,we use door to door DHL/FedEx/UPS forwarder,it only takes 4-5days to your address.And also,by air or sea is available for large quantities.
    If you have forwarder in China,could send via your own forwarder.

    Be the first to know our new products



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